Saturday, 7 September 2013

Front speakers & wiring - Part Five

A few updates after quite a long time!

Munky's mat added, stage lines, speakers and wires.

More to come soon...  

Monday, 30 May 2011

Corrections and details - Part Four

The new drum podium (first one was way too big and not accurate in design) is placed, the "K Rock" back board is cut, pained, logos added and attached to the rear, cabinet trolleys and guide markings are added and front stage speakers are ready to be covered. The crowd floor is added (made from a wood effect floor tile).

Assembling the stage - Part Three

The speakers are lined into position and order, the bandana effect bass speakers and Parental advisory speakers added along with the "first edition" of the drum podium. The left side is Head & Fieldy's side.

Same again but for Munky's side.

David's drum set is added in place.

Drum kit & stage speakers - Part Two

The next stage is the drum kit and building the cabinets. All are made from wood, finished in leather and metal mesh fronts added.

A drum kit model I picked up is painted black and will have the "KoЯn" logo added.

The Mesa Cabinets.

Set of Six.

The album cover speakers.

Building the stage - Part One

The basic shape of the main stage is drawn.

Wood is cut and sides added.

A base is added to give the crowd floor.